International Team leader, Expert in AFOLU /MRV

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Last update: May 16, 2022 Last update: May 16, 2022


Deadline: May 25, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Cote d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire
Organization: GFA Consulting Group
Sectors: Environment & NRM Environment & NRM
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
English, French, German English, French, German
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: May 13, 2022
Expected starting date: Sep 1, 2022


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Business Area: Climate change NRM & Environement (Natural Resources Management)
Position: International Team leader, Expert in AFOLU /MRV
Project Status: Tender
Project Title: Governance and sustainable management of natural resources in the Comoé and Taï area, Ivory Coast (Pro2GRN)
Design and set-up of an MRV system for the region of the Comoé National Park in north-eastern Ivory Coast and respective capacity development

Project Period: From 09/2022- 03/2024
Duration of Assignment: 366 days (100 homebased 266 in country)
Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Job Code: HEAT-CIV22GIZ0136

Project Description:
To reduce deforestation and forest degradation, the Ivorian government plans to promote agroforestry systems on a large scale in its REDD+ strategy and at the same time sees this as a contribution to achieving the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Climate Agreement. In its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), the Ivorian government commits to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 28% by 2030, under a business as-usual scenario focusing on the following sectors: energy (including transport, buildings, services, industry and, electricity generation and transmission), agriculture, forestry and waste.
Within the framework of the programme “Governance and sustainable management of natural resources in the area of Tai and Comoe” (Pro2GRN)”, GIZ, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has signed an agreement with the European Union, which, together with the Federal Republic of Germany, is co-financing the action entitled "Agroforestry Comoé" (December 2019). This action is integrated in the Pro2GRN as its fourth output. In the agreement the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Côte d'Ivoire (MINEDD) is mentioned as an implementing partner, notably through the intervention of experts from the Directorate for the Fight against Climate Change (DLCC). Through this Directorate, the Ministry is involved in the implementation of a pilot initiative of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) that will
allow to evaluate the impact of the project activities on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and to integrate them into the NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions).
Output 4 of Pro2GRN has introduced in 2020 an agroforestry system in the western Comoé region that has already been tested in other countries to rehabilitate the fertility of agricultural soils, while creating new income opportunities and improving carbon sequestration. The proposed action is to support village producers to temporarily convert their fallow fields into forest plantations. Seedlings of Acacia auriculiformis that they raise in nurseries are associated with crops such as Sorghum and Yam at the beginning of the cycle. After two years of cultivation, acacias occupy the land at 100% of its cover. After 5 to 6 years of growth they will be cut by farmers to produce charcoal and start a new crop cycle.

Job Description:
• Overall responsibility for the advisory packages of the contractor;
• Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the contractor’s services with other services delivered by the project at local and national level;
• Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development measures for local partners;
• Taking cross-cutting themes into consideration (for example, gender equality);
• Staff management, in particular identifying the need for short-term assignments within the available budget, planning and managing the assignments and supporting local and international experts;
• Ensuring that monitoring procedures are carried out;
• Regular reporting in accordance with deadlines;
• Responsibility for checking the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with the officer responsible for the commission at GIZ;
• Supporting the officer responsible for the commission in updating and/or adapting the project strategy, in evaluations and in preparing a follow-on phase;
• Maintaining contact with other donors and the GIZ program.

Master’s degree in Geography or Agricultural Sciences or Forestry or Earth Science or other MSc with a land use specialization;
Knowledge of French, C1 (accounts for 6 out of a total of 10 points in the evaluation), English, C1 (accounts for 2 out of a total of 10 points), German C1 (accounts for 2 out of a total of 10 points), in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
•General professional experience:
10 years of professional experience in the AFOLU sector, of which 3 years on another continent (international context);
•Specific professional experience:
5 years of professional experience in MRV in the AFOLU sector;
•Leadership/management experience: 2 years of management/leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a company;
•Regional experience: 2 years of work experience in West Africa;
•Development cooperation (DC) experience: 5 years of experience working on DC projects.

Application Date: Please send your CV until 25 Mai 2022 by e-mail to: Mrs Heike Mainusch, mainusch@gfa-group.de

We regret that we can only reply to applications which meet the requirements as set out in the job description. Thank you for your understanding.