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Last update: Dec 2, 2022 Last update: Dec 2, 2022


Deadline: Dec 20, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Sudan Sudan
Organization: The Palladium Group (HQ)
Sectors: Training, Information & Communication Technology Training, Information & Communication Technology
Job type: Contract, 4 to 12 months
English English
Work experience: <1
Date posted: Dec 2, 2022


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Project Overview and Role:

The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) is a 6-year and €114 million programme funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that aims to create a prosperous future for 200,000 young women and men in the Middle East, North Africa, Sahel & West Africa and Horn of Africa regions. The Fund will be supporting initiatives in 23 focus countries that will offer youth, in particular young women, opportunities for work that is demand-driven and productive, offering a stable income and safe working conditions, and that is contributing to their personal development and social protection.

Private sector, civil society and knowledge institutions will be invited to submit proposals geared to scalable solutions for creating more and better jobs and income generating opportunities for youth. Solutions will in particular focus on an integrated approach that addresses the shortcomings on the demand side (jobs) and supply side (skills) and bridging the mismatch between these two in the labour market.

Job Overview:

Implementing Partner (IP) has an ample experience technically, and academic experience through linkages with university owned by the IP mother company. However, support is needed to build customized curriculum and how best to formulate the courses for maximum value for the enrolled trainees to increase their chances of a job (create/improve/match).

IP has already developed a curriculum which should be deployed for the first batch of trainees across several software and hardware modules. Consultant should assess the curriculum and advise on ways to improve it.

Responsibilities and Duties:

To review IP’s current developed curriculum and assess progress of trainees with the purpose of advising on to improve the curriculum. The consultant will participate in biweekly coaching sessions with the IP over the course of 4 months and will be supporting the IP in assessing the set curriculum and suggest improvements. Topics include:

- Developing an assessment tool to analyze first cohort of trainees based on the current curriculum developed by the IP (and a general tool for all trainees who complete the training).
- Assessing how the current modules have been selected in relation to required skills and market demand for chosen skills.
- Advising on methodology of trainer's selection and how best to attract trainers.
- Advising on how trainees are selected to ensure engaged and dedicated enrollments.
- How are the learning outcomes of each session developed?
- What is the approach for trainees interested in selecting several modules, especially in line with job targets and avoidance of double counting?
- How can the centre build towards gaining certification status as a training centre to eventually provide official certifications across the delivered modules?
- How can the centre provide online sessions? What measures are in place to ensure these online sessions are well absorbed prior to offering completion status to the trainees?
- How can the centre attract external providers/trainers to expand the number and types of trainings provided by the centre?

Level of Effort and Reporting:

The consultant will report to the Technical Unit Lead as well as the Country Lead for the respective country they will be active in. The consultant will need to work and coordinate closely with other members of the Challenge Fund Team, as and when demanded by assigned tasks.
The expected level of effort for this role is 2 days per month, delivered over 4 months. Expected start date is January 2023.

Required Qualifications:

- ICT experience in similar markets (MENA region).
- Experience designing and developing curricula in ICT sector.
- Being able to process a lot of information quickly and gaining understanding of current situation.
- Good at providing constructive feedback and suggesting improvements that are practical and feasible.
- Good cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills and able to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse clients.
- Preferably Arabic and/or English speaking.

How to Apply:

Application must be in English. Interested and qualified candidates are kindly invited to submit a cover letter and resume (both in English) no later than 20th December 2022. This vacancy is also open for internal CFYE/Palladium candidates. Remuneration will be based on background and experience. 

All staff are required to adhere to the Palladium Code of Conduct. Recruitment is subject to successful completion of all applicable background checks, including references and criminal records checks. 

Closing Deadline: 20th December 2022


Company Overview:

About Palladium - Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact – the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world's most pressing challenges. With a team of more than 3,000 employees operating in 90 plus countries and a global network of over 35,000 experts, we help improve economies, societies and, most importantly, people's lives.

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