Technical Coordinator

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Last update: 11 days ago Last update: Jan 25, 2023


Deadline: Mar 13, 2023
Location: Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
Sectors: Environment & NRM Environment & NRM
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
English English
Work experience: <1
Date posted: Jan 25, 2023


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Mission description

Expertise France is seeking to recruit a Technical Coordinator who would be providing support on all technical aspects of the inception and implementation of an EU-funded “Forestry, Climate Change and Biodiversity” (FCCB) Project that could be awarded to Expertise France (see below for project details).

Main tasks:

Scope Management:
to conduct background research and analysis activities into the conception and design of the project’s activities
to provide general technical advice and guidance on the design and implementation of the project’s activities
to engage in periodic technical meetings with representatives of relevant organisations and stakeholder groups involved in the project, in particular with regards to activity requests emanating from government organisations
to prepare “scope statement” documents for the project in general and for each of the intervention areas and for each activity (that would contain information regarding each intervention’s objectives, a description of the scope, deliverables, acceptance criteria, exclusions, constraints and assumptions), for discussion with stakeholders during the Inception Phase and other key moments of the project.
to organise and oversee scope development, verification and control activities
to organise and oversee scope change issues
to prepare relevant presentations and summary documents on the different interventions
to contribute to reporting on the project’s technical implementation as well as to lessons learned and best practice documentation
to help organise and make available information and documentation regarding scope to the Project team or to Project stakeholders as needed

Technical Support:

In each intervention area, Expertise France will require to be assisted by consultants providing specialised subject matter expertise (SME) or technical expertise for the conception & design and supervision of the Project’s activities. These consultants would be in charge of analysing stakeholder contexts and needs in their intervention area; proposing concept & design documents for the type of activities that could be put in place based on these contexts and needs in their intervention area; if the concept & design documents are approved by stakeholders, preparing all the technical documentation for the procurement or grants procedures that would be undertaken to implement the activities in their intervention area.

As such, the Technical Coordinator’s tasks would include:

to identify the project requirements in terms of technical support (in the form of technical expertise)
to propose priorities regarding the mobilisation of technical (subject matter) experts
to prepare draft Terms of Reference (ToRs) documents for national and international consultants;
to participate in the identification and selection of qualified national and international consultants
to provide guidance, support and oversight to the national and international consultants that will have been selected
to contribute to lessons learned and best practices documentation on the recourse to and supervision of national and international subject matter (technical) consultants
to help organise and make available information and documentation regarding the mobilisation and supervision of these consultants

Organisation and oversight of the delivery of trainings and technical assistance

Some of the Project’s activities could include the provision of trainings and technical support to the Government of Papua New Guinea or to other stakeholders. As such, the Technical Coordinator’s tasks would include:

to identify the requirements in terms of training and technical assistance to be provided to targeted organisations
to coordinate and supervise the organisation and delivery of trainings and technical assistance activities
to collect and review trainers’ reports on the completion of training sessions
to oversee the evaluation process for training sessions and technical assistance delivery
to contribute to lessons learned and best practices documentation on trainings and technical assistance delivery
to help organise and make available information and documentation regarding trainings and technical assistance delivery.

The Technical Coordinator will be recruited on a full-time basis for an initial 12-month period. Renewal of the position might be on a part-time basis afterwards. Though remote work is authorised, it is expected that the position would be mostly based out of Port Moresby. The Technical Coordinator would be reporting to the Project Team in Port Moresby.
Project or context description

The European Union is putting in place a new Support Programme for Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the field of “Forests, Climate Change and Biodiversity” (FCCB). This Programme’s general objective (GO) would be “to support a development model that reconciles forestry, climate change and biodiversity with sustainable, inclusive and gender-responsive green growth and jobs at national and pilot subnational/community levels”. Its three specific objectives (SOs) would be:

SO1: “Effective implementation of evidence-based FCCB policies, governance and institutional frameworks”
SO2: “Improved FCCB awareness, knowledge, capacities and mobilisation”
SO3: “Increased inclusive and gender-responsive green growth”

This Programme would consist of several components, including a major component that could be implemented by Expertise France regarding “support at the national/institutional level with spill-over effects at the local/community level” (the Project). This Project could entail support for a number of PNG-based public sector institutions operating in the FCCB intervention area, support for PNG-based research, education and awareness institutions and support for PNG-based communities engaged in conservation and environmental protection.

The project is scheduled to start in April 2023 and would last 4 years. Its budget is 36.5 million euros.

Required profile

Master's degree or equivalent in political science, economics, international cooperation or equivalent;
Excellent knowledge of PNG political institutions;
Experience in issues related to forest, climate change and development;
Experience in international cooperation;
Experience in organising and overseeing the work of consultants;
At least one experience in technical support to public institutions;
Excellent ability to work in English (oral and written);
Writing and synthesis skills;
Good knowledge of office software (Pack Office, Outlook, Internet), particularly Excel;
Sense of organisation and rigour;
Sense of diplomacy and ability to adapt;
Reactivity, autonomy.
Ability to work in a team.