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State Facilitator

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Last update: Feb 21, 2024 Last update: Feb 21, 2024


Deadline: Feb 28, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Nigeria Nigeria
Job type:Contract, up to 4 months
English, HausaEnglish, Hausa
Work experience: Min 5 years
Date posted:Feb 21, 2024
Expected starting date:Mar 1, 2024


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CTG Overview

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Overview of Position

The engagement of State Facilitator is to ensure that program implementation in hard to reach areas is monitored & quality assured for the delivery of expected results. The State Facilitator will work closely with the partners on the field to provide the effective coordination & monitoring of the implementation of all activities under the Education & Youth Empowerment Program (EYE-p) work plan & contributing to the overall results of Jigawa, Kano & Sokoto field offices. The State Facilitator will ensure the effective facilitation in the implementation & coordination of equitable access to quality learning for all children in the EYE-p focus LGAs, tracks progress, document results, develop recommendations for progress & ensure resources are utilized judiciously for intended purposes. The State Facilitator will deploy knowledge & experience to create momentum at LGA, community & school levels in the quality & timely implementation of planned activities.

Role Objectives

The assignment will entail the State Facilitator to effectively contribute to coordination & monitoring of the implementation of all activities under the EYE-p work plan & contributing to the overall results of the field office workplan, in partnership with state education agencies & private / public organizations. The State Facilitators shall carry out the following tasks in fulfilling the expectations of the post: 

  • In consultation with the Education Specialist, conduct secondary & primary data collection & cross sectoral analysis, preparing & disseminating key education response outputs / results.
  • Document & report the reach and impact of our clients interventions weekly using a pre aggregated template.
  • Report any actual or potential acts of misappropriation, abuse, misuse, or deviation from implementation plans to the supervisor.
  • Maintain up to date & accurate records / database on our clients education program implementation across the three output areas in the state & ensure effective & timely information reporting as required.
  • Conduct quality assurance activities at LGA, community & school levels to ensure quality of the implementation of interventions, under the guidance of the Education Specialist.
  • Work closely with MOE, SUBEB, IQSB & SAME EMIS officials to ensure timely completion (based on the agreed timeframe) of annual school census data collection, processing, data cleaning, data merging & analysis.
  • Standard statistics reports generation & dissemination of gender disaggregated results.
  • Liaise with MOE, SUBEB & SAME officials to provide technical support to strengthen capacity of staff at LGEA level for effective coordination of different interventions including LURITS, TMIS, ASC, school safety, GBV in schools & community engagement activities.
  • Document lessons learned & best practices, producing monthly stories on EYE, including human interest stories & picture stories at least twice a year.

Deliverables & time frame:

Deliverables Submission Deadline
Jointly with our clients Education Specialists, develop a monthly work plan detailing how key tasks will be conducted each month 2nd of each month
Timely submission of bi-weekly activity progress reports as well as contributing to monthly & emerging reports on specific interventions 25th of the month
The State Facilitator is to spend 40% of time on reporting & engaging with state-level stakeholders at the state level & 60% on the field for monitoring. TBC

Project Reporting

  • Facilitators are employed & supervised by the third party contractor & all administrative & entitlement related matters (including salaries, allowances, insurances, working premises, stationery & office equipment / supplies, computer equipment & transportation) will be provided and managed by the contractor as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SoP).
  • Facilitators provide a service to our client & are not considered our clients staff members or consultants.
  • Being contracted by the contractor does not carry any expectation of being considered for our clients internal positions.
  • Upon signing of the contract with the contractor, the State Facilitators will be asked to sign a code of conduct which will bind them to an agreed set of standards governing their conduct. While State Facilitators are not UN staff members, they are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles of the UN charter as well as humanitarian principles but not covered by the immunities & privileges provided to UN staff.
  • Prior to deployment, State Facilitators will receive a standard orientation by the contractor on all administrative & entitlement related matters. Our client will subsequently provide an orientation on key technical programmatic matters related to the State Facilitators’ main duties & responsibilities. The State Facilitators are not expected to work at our clients offices. Only in certain situations & on a case by case basis the respective Chief of Field Office may allow State Facilitators to temporarily use a workspace at our clients field office for duty related matters.
  • Overall technical guidance on duties & responsibilities will be provided by the Kano Chief of Field Office (CFO) or his / her Officer in Charge. All instructions to the State Facilitators relating to their main responsibilities with our clients, will be provided only by the Chief of Field Office (CFO) or his / her Officer in Charge.

Key Competencies

  • Bachelors degree in education, social sciences, economics, or related fields.
  • Must be computer literate with an excellent knowledge in data management.
  • Fluency in English language & good English writing skills.
  • Fluency in Hausa, the language of the immediate environment where the State Facilitator is deployed.
  • At least 5 years of experience & demonstrated ability in supporting capacity development work in the education or social sciences.
  • Experience working on gender issues & extensive knowledge & skills of education & social sectors in Nigeria, preferably in northern Nigeria.
  • Strong analytical skills using diverse & complex quantitative & qualitative data.
  • Experience working in a humanitarian context is an asset.
  • Skills in use of Microsoft office suites are a must.
  • Experience working with UN or NGO programs / projects is an asset.
  • Demonstrates, applies & shares technical knowledge.
  • Good understanding of community involvement & participation.
  • Communicates effectively, both orally & in writing, to varied audiences, especially in target states.
  • Able to work effectively in a multicultural environment, sets high standards for quality of work & consistently achieves project goals.
  • Skillsets in assessment, basic statistical analysis, situation analysis, participatory & field assessment methods.
  • Local knowledge, gender, age & protection expertise required.
  • Excellent analytical skills, including the ability to analyse diverse & complex information from a wide range of sources to make analytical statements to inform decision making.
  • Good report writing skills.
  • Capacity to work in an emergency context under stressful conditions & strict deadlines.
  • Good communication & networking skills, including the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams as well as establishing & maintaining close working relationships with a variety of implementing partners including government MDAs at the local level & counterparts at different levels.
  • Good computer skills, including experience with various software.

Team Management

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further Information

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.
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