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Eastern Partnership (EaP) Countries Program Officer

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Last update: Feb 29, 2024 Last update: Feb 29, 2024


Deadline: Mar 18, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
Work experience: Min 2 years
Date posted:Feb 29, 2024
Expected starting date:As soon as possible


Job Title: 

Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries Program Officer


Eastern Partnership Hub


Yerevan/Tbilisi/Chisinau, depending on the candidate selection

Contract duration:    

Until December 2026

Reports to:

Regional Manager for the EaP countries


Frequent travel to EaP countries

Open to:

Residents of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova

DRS is looking for the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries Program Officer on behalf of a development organization to Manage Program Facilitation Unit (PFU) led regional project implementation in EaP countries, establish and coordinate activities and partnerships with EaP countries stakeholders/ system actors as well as coordinate the program’s activities and partnerships with projects implementers in EaP countries, assuring quality in implementation and achievement of objectives; Contribute to the integration of the EaP intervention portfolio into program knowledge management, foster dialogue with partners, ensure program compliance in EaP countries, prioritize risk management, and provide timely administrative support to regional manager.


Goal 1 - Effective work assignment 50%

Manage Program Facilitation Unit (PFU) led regional project implementation in EaP, establish, and coordinate activities and partnerships with EaP countries stakeholders/ system actors as well as coordinate the RECONOMY program’s activities and partnerships with projects implementers in EaP countries, assuring quality in implementation and achievement of objectives. 

1.     Take the lead in the designing of the interventions for the PFU-led project in the EaP countries, identify, negotiate, select and engage relevant to the project system actors in the EaP countries. Manage interventions in close collaboration with the RECONOMY EaP hub’s Program officers and the EaP regional manager.

2.     Regularly meet system actors/partners in EaP countries to assure quality in implementation and achievement of objectives, to obtain, analyse and update on country developments – potential challenges/ risks and opportunities.

3.     Support the work of Implementing Partners in EaP countries through exchanges and direct collaboration in the frame of the Partnership Agreements entered with these organisations. 

4.     Ensure coordination with other donor-funded development projects for potential synergies.

5.     Provide backstopping support to the engaged system actors in the application of an MSD approach and related tools and coordinate additional technical inputs by internal and external resource persons. 

6.     Conduct continuous research and development in EaP countries to identify entry points for systemic intervention and new partnerships. 

7.     Coordinate the program’s activities in EaP countries, governments and other critical stakeholders, ensuring transparency and an overall collaborative environment.

Goal 2: Effective work assignment 35%

Contribute to the integration of the EaP intervention portfolio into the program’s knowledge management and learning processes, stimulating active discourse between the program and its EaP partners and stakeholders in line with the overall objectives and approach.

1.     Coordinate necessary monitoring activities (research, capacity building, backstopping, data collection, etc.) in EaP countries with the program’s EaP hub MRM Lead in line with RECONOMY’s MRM manual and requirements, providing evidence for steering, reporting and learning purposes.

2.     Coordinate, contribute and co-lead on the generation of communication products with the program’s Communications Lead and in line with its communication strategy, providing the basis for facilitating an active discourse amongst partners and stakeholders on relevant subjects as well as the program’s positioning in EaP countries.   

3.     Coordinate necessary activities for knowledge management and learning in EaP countries with the program’s EaP hub KML Lead and in line with RECONOMY’s KML strategy, linking activities in EaP countries to the program’s and overall KML to ensure the regional value addition. 

4.     Ensure synergies and regular updates of information related to emerging economic and political developments in EaP countries and provide advice for new entry points.

Goal 3: Effective work assignment 35%

Assure compliance with the program’s activities in EaP countries with required administrative (and financial) processes and, most importantly, good risk management. Ensure timely support is provided to the EaP countries’ regional manager on program implementation-related administration issues in EaP countries.

1.     Monitor compliance of engaged system actors as well as implement partners with rules and processes laid out in the Partnership Agreements and coordinate necessary activities with the EaP countries regional manager and Program Administrative Manager. 

2.     Plan and co-organize different workshops, events & study trips.

3.     Contribute to the report’s development at all levels.


Education, studies and further training

       A master's degree in economics, business management, or related fields. Alternatively, a Bachelor's degree with significant relevant work experience is acceptable.

       The Project Management Professional (PMP) or any other related certificate is considered advantageous.

Professional experience


       Broad project management practical experience, with at least 2-3 years of experience;

       In-depth understanding of the functionality of the MSD approach in program implementation. Familiarity with the business model.

       Familiarity with the textile industry is crucial, with experience considered a significant advantage;

       Great understanding of the key trends in the Eastern Partnership region;

       Experience in working with associations (in at least two countries);

       Professional linkages and nexus in EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine;

       Advanced English level is mandatory. Knowledge of Russian is considered a plus;

       Proficiency in Microsoft Office.


       General knowledge of green economy, circular business models, and regional sustainability;

       Good knowledge of Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) principles;

       Familiarity with Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI);

       Experience in knowledge management. Ability to analyse qualitative and quantitative data and synthesize learnings.

Skills and competencies

       Facilitation skills – to establish linkages between relevant stakeholders/market actors;

       Coordination skills – to coordinate activities of partner organisations (contracted market actors);

       Analytical skills – the ability to explore assessments/analyses necessary to the project;

       Writing skills – to develop ToRs for assessment/analyses, develop monthly updates and reports;

       Effective interpersonal and communication skills;

       Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling;

       Effective leadership skills.

Social and personal competencies

       Ability to travel frequently;

       Ability to work in a diverse team;

       Ability to adapt to new environments;

       Goals and results-oriented;

       Time management skills;

       Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously;

       Organizational skills.

The updated CVs in English should be submitted to d.durnea@developmentaid.org under the title DRS 11615 EaP Program Officer. Due to the high number of applications received, we can reply to shortlisted candidates only. Please note that the above requirements can be modified during the recruitment process according to the client's procedures.