NDC Partnership Climate Finance Specialist (Technical Specialist - Environmental) - Kyrgyz Republic

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Last update: Apr 19, 2024 Last update: Apr 19, 2024


Deadline: May 12, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Home Based
Organization: UNOPS
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
English, Kyrgyz, Russian English, Kyrgyz, Russian
Work experience:Min 5 years
Date posted: Apr 19, 2024


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Dutystation: Home based

Functional responsibilities

The Climate Finance Specialist will provide expert advice on the successful implementation of measures identified in the main strategic climate-related documents, such as the NDC Implementation Plan, through access to international climate finance. This role involves the provision of technical and strategic inputs to support the work of the CFC and CCPD in accessing international climate funds and funds from the MDBs in order to implement measures identified in the NDC Implementation Plan and in the updated Climate Investments Plan. This position will contribute to the strengthening of the climate project portfolio of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The position will involve working with the Cabinet of Ministries of Kyrgyz Republic as well as high-level engagements with donors, climate funds, MDBs, and bilateral donors to identify projects and generate resources for the implementation of the NDC, NAP, TNA and LT-LEDS. The Climate Finance Specialist will implement all tasks in close coordination with the NDC Partnership Focal Point, Director CFC, and the NDC Partnership Support Unit. The following responsibilities are part of the Climate Finance Specialist role in the Kyrgyz Republic:
Identifying a pipeline of projects

  1. Prepare a project pipeline by conducting a preliminary assessment of potential investment projects and provide recommendations on them in accordance with the requirements of global climate funds and MDBs.

  2. Guide and oversee the preparation of the draft project concept papers (to be further developed into full concept papers with support from development partners) by local project preparation staff for climate resilient investment projects that funding partners are interested in co-funding with international climate funds, such as the GCF etc.

  3. Assist the government in preparing concept notes to access financing for unfunded priorities based on the updated NDC, NAP, TNA and LT-LEDS.

  4. Review the structuring and technical analysis of project concepts and proposals developed by CFC/Project Preparation Facility (PPF) and CCPD.

Tracking and analyzing funding opportunities

  1. Identify and track funding opportunities relevant to the NDC implementation as well as climate-resilient and low-carbon sectoral projects and programs.

  2. Facilitate the mobilization of financial and technical resources for the implementation of NDC, NAP, TNA, and LT-LEDS, including the identification of implementing agencies and partners for the developed project concepts.

  3. Ensure that project concepts meet the requirements of possible funders, global climate funds, MDBs, as well as bilateral and multilateral development partners, or a combination of those listed here (e.g., multilateral development partner seeking funding from a global climate fund).

  4. Lead the process of populating and regularly updating Kyrgyz Republic’s monitoring/reporting tool for climate finance.

Providing strategic inputs to CFC and CCPD

  1. Monitor and assess financing requirements and gaps for the implementation of NDC, including supporting transparency of support from different development partners.

  2. Collaborate with the Support Unit to document changes in the operating context and provide support to CFC and CCPD and stakeholders in decision-making processes.

  3. Provide strategic insights for identification and development and direct access entities.

  4. Support the Kyrgyz Republic and the NDC Partnership Support Unit in initiating a financing plan for NDCs implementation.

  5. Support CFC and CCPD in identifying potential and appropriate implementing and development partners for each action/priority and identify the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

  6. Support CFC and CCPD identification (and subsequent negotiations) of relevant accredited entities for partnership in project development.

Coordination and communication with key stakeholders

  1. Support the strengthening of coordination among different agencies for accessing external climate finance resources.

  2. Work closely with CFC and CCPD to participate in external negotiations and discussions with donors, MDBs, Climate Funds etc.

  3. Support the country in following up on and mobilizing partner support for its needs and priorities (and update those along the way as needed following the government’s guidance) along with a preferred process for coordination of country engagement under the NDC Partnership, as proposed and agreed upon by the Cabinet of Ministries of the Kyrgyz Republic.

  4. Engage with partners in the country to link needs to financial resources in accordance with the NDC, NAP, TNA and LT-LEDS, including by providing the government’s inputs on alignment of partners’ country strategies with priorities and gaps identified in the above policy documents;

  5. Provide inputs and participate in the NDC Partnership’s conferences, trainings and other activities at the global, regional and national levels that are relevant for project development, financing, and resource mobilization.

  6. Support the in-country facilitator in periodic reporting of donor/partner support to the NDC Partnership

  7. Participate in the NDC Partnership scoping missions to Kyrgyz Republic and support the implementation of its recommendations.

  8. Other support needed by CFC and CCPD to coordinate development partners in the context of project development, financing, and resource mobilization.

Identifying lessons learned and results
  1. Liaise with the Support Unit to access and/or feed into global knowledge products relevant to project development, financing, and resource mobilization

  2. Assist the Support Unit in the identification and dissemination of information on best practices and lessons learned from in-country engagement

Capacity building
  1. Build capacities of CFC/PPF and CCPD staff to prepare project concepts considering requirements and criteria of international climate fund and MDBs.

  2. Share the knowledge and skills of access modalities, requirements and criteria of the project application process of GCF and other types of funding sources available for the country.

  3. Strengthen capacities by mentoring and training relevant CFC and CCPD staff on developing bankable projects.

  4. Identify capacity needs related to climate financing for implementation of NDC, NAP, TNA and LT-LEDS.

The Climate Finance Specialist will support the CFC. The CFC is a center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and leads the country's climate finance initiatives. He/she will also work in close collaboration with CCPD (under MNRETS) and the NDC Partnership Support Unit. The Climate Finance Specialist will report to the Partnership Development Senior Manager at the NDC Partnership. He/she will need to bring his/her own laptop to the ministry's duty station.

This is a retainer position, home-based in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The contract is of one-year duration, 220 working days, with the possibility of an extension.

Education/Experience/Language requirements


  • An advanced degree (Masters or higher) in business, finance, law, public policy, public finance, sustainable development, environment management, or a similar relevant field.

  • Bachelor's degree in a related discipline in combination with an additional 2 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree.



  • At least 5 years of experience working in international development and development finance with a track of structuring, design and implementation of projects in climate change mitigation and adaptation, particularly in energy, waste, agriculture, forestry and other land use, and industry.

  • Familiarity with access modalities, project management frameworks, investment criteria of MDBs and prominent global climate funds such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), The International Climate Initiative (IKI), Mitigation Action Facility (MAF), Global Environment Facility (GEF), and/or Adaptation Fund (AF).

  • Willingness and ability to commit to in-country work and travel as required and where possible.


  • Experience in mobilizing resources for the implementation of NDCs.

  • Experience in accessing and structuring finance for climate investments, including technical and financial development, particularly those that engage the private sector and development institutions.

  • Ability to network and develop partnerships across a range of stakeholders and record of accomplishment in managing complex multi-stakeholder strategies and plans.

  • Portfolio management experience, including an understanding of risk mitigation, project planning monitoring, and evaluation.

  • Proficiency in English is required.

  • Advanced proficiency in Kyrgyz and/or Russian is required.

  • Knowledge of another official UN language (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin) is an asset.

*** As this is a Local Position, in order to be eligible, the incumbent should be a national of Kyrgyz Republic or have a valid residence permit in the Country.