Tenderwell is the fastest, most efficient app to find and recruit, development experts and consultants

By Sam Ursu

Tenderwell is the fastest, most efficient app to find and recruit, development experts and consultants

When it comes to the field of international aid and development, finding the right expert or consultant to work on a project is essential. The Tenderwell app was built to help organizations streamline the entire recruitment process from discovering the candidates with the best fit for the job, to tracking their expenses and contributions to the project.

In this article, we’ll show you why the Tenderwell app is the only tool you’ll ever need to recruit and manage Experts and Consultants for your development aid projects.

One-Click Recruiting

Right out of the box, Tenderwell comes with one-click integration with DevelopmentAid’s verified database of Experts and Consultants working in the field of international aid.

DevelopmentAid is the world’s leading provider of verified information about international professionals working in the sector, including their CVs/resumes, professional experience, qualifications, specialties, gender, citizenship, languages spoken, and sector of expertise. In some cases, our database can also provide feedback about the projects that the candidates had worked on in the past.

As soon as you input your search parameters for Experts and Consultants and hit the Search button, the engine will search amongst 87,000 verified CVs and resumes and bring up the list of relevant candidates.

To add an Expert or Consultant to your candidate short list, all you have to do is click “export to Tenderwell,” and their records will be instantly transferred over to the app. You can also import CVs and resumes to Tenderwell from other sources as well.

Once an Expert or Consultant’s information is transferred to the app, every modification, message, payment information, and internal company records about them remains proprietary and completely secure in your Tenderwell database. Absolutely no one, including DevelopmentAid, will ever be able to access your information about candidates, ensuring absolute confidentiality and privacy throughout the entire recruitment process.

Everything Right at Your Fingertips

Once you have a short list of candidates for a project, Tenderwell makes it very easy to implement and track the recruitment process from inside the app.

Simply click on the “Candidates” tab from the Tenderwell app, and you’ll see all of the relevant information about the Experts and Consultants, including their employment and verification documents, experience and expertise, contact details, and information such as their payment rate, submitted proposals, and other considerations such as VAT and tax information (if such information is available).

From the “Candidates” tab, you can send out automated emails inquiring as to their availability as well as monitor whether or not they have responded and their status, including whether or not they’re interested in your proposal and/or whether they have been hired for the project.

Everything about the Tenderwell app has been designed to make the entire recruitment process as simple and easy as possible. Campaigns can be set up to contact shortlisted candidates with job offers as well as track their responses and hiring statuses, all from within the app.

Tenderwell also lets you add comments and other information about candidates or Experts and Consultants that you’ve worked with in the past so that your company’s institutional knowledge about these individuals is preserved and protected.

Never again will you have to dig through documents spread across multiple internal systems to search through CVs, project records, and past experiences working with Consultants and Experts because it’s all securely stored right there in the Tenderwell app.

Privacy, Guaranteed

Tenderwell app comes with a powerful suite of tools to ensure that your company can adhere to GDPR and other privacy regulations about storing and accessing personal information.

Once you’ve adjusted the privacy protection settings in Tenderwell, the app will automatically manage your recordkeeping requirements, including how long records are kept and how the system should handle expired or outdated profiles, including the ability to send automated renewal or deletion requests.

In short, Tenderwell was designed from the ground up to help companies adhere to privacy laws, including the GDPR. With a few clicks, you can rest assured that all of your records on Experts and Consultants are securely stored and managed according to company policy and privacy regulations.


With seamless integration with DevelopmentAid’s vast database of verified CVs/resumes, the Tenderwell app is the fastest, most efficient way to find, recruit, and hire international development Experts and Consultants for your next project.

Tenderwell lets you import all of the relevant information about shortlisted candidates, including their diplomas and employment verification records, education, experience, field of speciality, languages spoken, citizenship, and much more, all with a single click. After that, Tenderwell makes it very simple to monitor and track the candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, including email campaigns, communication about availability and interest, fees and expenses information, and their relationship status with your organization.

If your company is active in the field of international aid and development, Tenderwell is the only recruiting and project management tool you’ll ever need. Get a free trial today, by reaching our team.