How to make the most of your individual membership with DevelopmentAid - Country strategy papers

By Sam Ursu

How to make the most of your individual membership with DevelopmentAid - Country strategy papers

If you are already a member of DevelopmentAid, you will know how lucrative our information and services can be for individual professionals looking to find new, highly-paid employment. But with so many powerful tools at their disposal, professionals can sometimes feel daunted when trying to make the most of their DevelopmentAid membership.

In this series of articles, we have already shared some of the best ways that individuals can use to gain first access to well-remunerated consultancies and job opportunities using their DevelopmentAid membership. For part one on open grants and tenders available for individuals, click here, and to read part two featuring consultancy opportunities, click here.

In our final article in this series, we share some insight into how individual experts can advance their career by adopting a strategic approach.

Country Strategy Papers

One of the most proactive approaches for individual experts seeking to expand their career opportunities is to analyze the country strategy papers and other planning reports published by the donor organizations themselves.

As all the large funding agencies are responsible to their stakeholders, they usually publish long-range planning documents and country strategy reports outlining their goals for specific locations around the world, giving experts a heads-up about upcoming projects in their preferred geographical region.

To access these reports, go to the Tenders menu and then click the blue Advanced Filters button on the toolbar. Under Status, click on Country programming and then use the Locations field to narrow your search to a preferred region and/or individual country.

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You can also narrow your search by a preferred funding agency (or agencies). From there, you will see all the latest strategy papers and planning documents for each country and/or region.

Please note that these planning documents are only available to experts with a DevelopmentAid Professional Plus membership.

Three Great Ways to secure project-based assignments

By taking a proactive approach and making the most of DevelopmentAid’s powerful search functions, individual experts can maximize their chances of landing their next great job opportunity and furthering their career.

Experts can use DevelopmentAid’s advanced filters to find open tenders and grants with opportunities for individuals to work directly with funding agencies as well as to peruse the announcements of shortlisted companies seeking individual consultants. Our Organizations’ database allows experts to approach interested organizations directly by sending them their CVs and avoiding recruiting agencies.

Lastly, by analyzing the long-term planning documents and country strategy papers from donor agencies, individual experts can use these to identify upcoming projects, thus giving them a heads-up on future opportunities in their geographical region of choice.

Whether it’s browsing through the Jobs board, using advanced searches to find tenders or grants with opportunities for individual consultants, proactively contacting shortlisted organizations, or analyzing country strategy papers, DevelopmentAid has all the tools you need to make the most of your individual membership.

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