Tailoring recruitment strategies to client needs

By Anastasia Bahu

Tailoring recruitment strategies to client needs

In order to build long-lasting business relationships with their clients, recruiting firms such as DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions put in place a system to tailor recruitment strategies to each client’s needs. Although this is a natural process, some issues may still arise when new or unfamiliar with the best practices in this area. The questions are ‘how’ and ‘when’ recruitment companies should adapt their internal processes to ensure customer satisfaction by achieving hiring targets and at the same time avoid burning out their own employees.

Today’s topic brought to you by the DRS team of professional recruiters will reveal the secrets behind the tailoring of recruitment strategies to meet client needs.

1️⃣ Meeting with the Client Manager

This is probably the best time to identify the specific needs of the client rather than during the first call, especially if it is their first time using a recruitment agency. During a live presentation of the recruitment services available, the Client Manager can either suggest which of these will help to achieve the client’s objective or take note of the customer’s vision and objective and select the recruitment services that will best meet their needs.

For instance, DRS assists its partners with a whole range of requirements as its service offering can be adapted to various client needs:

CV Shortlist – the perfect solution to get the best available profiles quickly and at an affordable rate

Talent Hire – an “end-to-end” recruitment solution designed to help you to hire professionals for any role

Executive Search – an “end-to-end” recruitment service created to assist you to hire senior, executive, or highly specialized professionals

Consultant Search – supports you in sourcing local or international consultants for short- and long-term donor-funded projects

CV Formatting – a practical solution to save you time in the preparation of staff/consultants’ CVs for project proposals

CV Screening – screening applications on your behalf will improve and increase the efficiency of your recruitment workflow.

There are so many factors to take into consideration: the urgency of the request, the position and level of seniority, sought number of candidates but the first call with the Client Manager will define the service which fits your firm in the optimum way.

2️⃣ Meeting with recruiters

Depending on the profile complexity, a discussion with the team of recruiters that is responsible for the achievement of a client’s goals will be helpful to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, the industry, the company culture, team dynamics, and the specific skills and qualifications sought in candidates.

Based on the information gathered, it is then possible to create a detailed candidate profile that outlines the desired qualifications, skills, experience, and personality traits for the role. This profile will serve as a roadmap for the targeted recruitment efforts.

3️⃣ Customized job description

In order to attract the target audience, it is essential to create a tailored job description that perfectly reflects the role’s responsibilities, expectations, benefits and opportunities within the client’s organization. This can be achieved by adapting the language and terminology so these resonate with the industry and the potential candidates. It is important to use gender-neutral titles in job descriptions. According to recent research, many of the words that feature in role descriptions have associations with a particular gender which could further influence the number of candidates who apply for the post and those who don’t because of the language used.

4️⃣ Selection of the sourcing strategy

Recruitment firms can select the most effective sourcing channels based on the client’s industry and the role’s requirements. This could include internal recruiting databases, industry-related job boards, social media platforms, relevant forums, networking events, and employee referrals.

5️⃣ Ensuring a captivating employer branding

Developing an employer branding strategy that aligns with the client’s company values, culture, and mission entails the creation of an attractive organization image which stands out among other potential employers for candidates.

6️⃣ Screening and evaluation stages

It is crucial to create a screening process that incorporates client-specific assessment criteria, including the minimum requirements for the job, and the desired skills and competencies. This helps to ensure that the evaluation process aligns with the client’s expectations of transparency and professionalism.

7️⃣ Adaptability and flexibility

Flexibility is crucial in tailoring recruitment approaches to meet changing circumstances. Recruiters should therefore be ready to adjust the selected strategies based on the client’s feedback and evolving needs.

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By understanding clients’ expectations and subsequently tailoring recruitment strategies, companies like DRS set the tone for a sustainable recruitment path where the destination is a crossroads when the desired top candidates are presented, and the reputation of a trusted talent partner is created.

To learn how you can benefit from DRS services, feel free to reach out whenever the need for a tailored recruitment assistance arises!