Three professional recruitment solutions you should know about

ByAnastasia Bahu

Three professional recruitment solutions you should know about

In the dynamic world of international development recruitment, where finding the perfect fit for a vacancy can sometimes be considered to be something of an art form due to the uniqueness of the job position, DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions (DRS) have earned the reputation of a master over the years. From hiring a Chief of Party for a development project in Djibouti to identifying Operations Directors and Chief Delivery Officers across continents, DRS recruiters know no boundaries. In our mission to take on your hiring process and allow you to focus on other strategic business aspects, we use special techniques and exclusive tools. How exactly can we improve the hiring process of your enterprise, and which of the DRS top services can support your business? This is what our article is about.

When it comes to the hiring process, DRS recruitment professionals are talent architects, navigating specialized databases, social media, expert networks, and even local newspapers to find your perfect match. Their success depends on how quickly, accurately, and transparently they do this and how satisfied their client is with the new employee.

DRS has been around since 2007 and, during those 15 years, has acquired impressive experience working with dozens of highly reputable clients in the not-for-profit sector including international and community-based NGOs, charities, and foundations and has placed over 1000 candidates in international development positions worldwide. Its basic services, designed to help clients source talent, interview, and hire to fill positions of varying complexity and levels of urgency, are always part of dynamic headhunting.

The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Contracting a recruitment agency brings multiple benefits to your business. For example, recruiters usually complete the hiring process more quickly, filling the vacancies at a greater speed. Among the other benefits are:

  • Professional team of experienced recruiters
  • A unique database of candidates
  • Effective recruitment tools and strategies
  • Advertising the position via multiple channels
  • Industry reputation

However, what makes DRS special is that it goes beyond the traditional offering and provides its clients with customized products that are carefully designed to achieve the particular goals set by an organization at any time.

These tailored products are the result of 15 years of experience, consolidated in activities that address the specific needs of each employer.

Which three professional recruitment solutions make DRS special?

CV Shortlist is a unique service where DRS identifies suitable and available candidates within a short period of time. Whether you’re hiring for permanent, temporary, or contract-based positions, and whether it’s for junior roles or high-level managerial positions, our CV Shortlist service caters to your diverse staffing needs. Streamline your candidate selection process, save time, and ensure you’re presented with the most relevant and qualified candidates with our CV Shortlist service.

✔️ What’s included:

  • Assessed and Compliant Candidates: We will present 3 to 4 candidates who have been rigorously assessed and deemed to be compliant with your job requirements.
  • Experienced Recruiter Screening: Our seasoned recruiters manually evaluate each candidate’s CV to match your criteria accurately and regularly update the client regarding the progress of the search.
  • Availability and Interest Confirmation: We confirm the candidates’ availability and interest in the position before presenting them to you.
  • Salary Negotiation: Our recruiters handle the initial stages of salary negotiation, streamlining the process for you.
  • Polished CVs: Candidate CVs are professionally formatted to effectively showcase their qualifications and experience.
  • The client holds all the proprietary rights for the expert CVs received which means they can refer to these for other projects or future opportunities.
  • The delivery time is approximately 10 working days.

Talent Hire is an end-to-end recruitment service designed to seamlessly facilitate the recruitment of top-tier professionals for a diverse range of roles. This service provides a hassle-free journey to secure the best talent for your team. Whether you’re seeking to fill permanent, temporary, or contract-based positions spanning junior to high-ranking managerial positions, our Talent Hire service is tailored to meet your specific staffing requirements. DRS takes responsibility for the candidate until the client informs us of the decision to hire. We identify 4 to 6 suitable, interested, and available candidates within 20 working days:

✔️ What’s included:

  • Assessed and Appropriate Candidates: Receive a selection of 4-6 candidates who have undergone a rigorous assessment and are deemed suitable to fill the vacancy.
  • Confirmed Availability and Interest: We ensure that the shortlisted candidates are available and interested in the position.
  • Negotiation of Salary: Our recruiters engage in preliminary salary negotiations with potential candidates, streamlining this crucial aspect of recruitment.
  • Phone Screening of Shortlisted Candidates: We conduct thorough phone screenings to further evaluate the shortlisted candidates.
  • Tailored CVs and Detailed Compliance Tables: Candidate CVs are meticulously tailored to highlight their skills and experience. Additionally, detailed compliance tables are provided for transparency and adherence to regulations.
  • Scheduling Interviews: We take charge of scheduling interviews, removing the logistical burden from your shoulders.
  • Assistance Until Candidate Selection: Our support extends until the candidate is selected and offered the position, providing guidance and expertise.

Additional Services Upon Request:

  • Possession of Required Work Certificates: Upon request, we ensure that candidates possess all the necessary work certificates, verified and validated.
  • Reference Checks: We conduct comprehensive reference checks to validate the candidates’ background and work history.

The Executive Search service follows the logic of A-to-Z delivery. DRS holds the duty of care for a candidate until they sign the contract offer. This service is designed exclusively to meet the demands of sourcing senior, executive, and highly specialized professionals; this service empowers you to secure the most exceptional talent for critical leadership roles (top talent at “C” level (CFO, CEO, CIO, etc.).

✔️ What’s included:

  • Highly Qualified Candidates: Access an exclusive selection of 5+ exceptionally qualified candidates primed for executive roles.
  • Initial Interview Compliance Verification: During the initial interview, we meticulously verify compliance against the profile requirements, ensuring a precise alignment with skillsets and competencies. Our candidate suitability matrix includes comprehensive skill matching and cultural and practical compatibility.
  • Scorecard-Driven Interviews: Our interviews are meticulously structured using a scorecard system, improving consistency and objectivity in evaluating each candidate.
  • Evaluation Grid with Comments/Scores: Receive an evaluation grid with detailed comments and scores, providing comprehensive insights into candidate performance.
  • Negotiation of Availability and Expectations: Our experts navigate negotiations related to availability, relocation, and financial expectations within the designated range, streamlining the transition process.
  • Tailored CVs and Detailed Compliance Tables: Candidate CVs are expertly tailored to highlight their executive prowess. Detailed compliance tables are also provided for enhanced transparency and adherence.
  • Scheduling Calls and Interview Preparation: We handle the scheduling of calls and assist in formulating interview questions, ensuring a seamless process.
  • Assistance Until Candidate is Hired: Our support extends until the candidate is officially hired and has signed the contract, offering guidance and expertise throughout the process.

Additional Services Upon Request:

  • Psychometric Testing: If desired, we will administer psychometric testing to provide deeper insights into candidate attributes.
  • Reference Checks: Comprehensive reference checks are conducted to authenticate the candidates’ backgrounds and track records.
  • Collection of Required Work Certificates: We ensure the collection and validation of all necessary work certificates.
  • Contracting Support: We assist with contracting to facilitate a seamless transition for the selected candidate.

“Our team is thrilled to implement hiring projects and individual assignments. We have developed exclusive products, tailored to address the specific needs of every client. We are proud of our results and our clients’ feedback motivates us to progress,” Alina Saracuta, Head of Client Management Team at DRS.

“We have been collaborating with DRS for the past 2 years. Their professionalism, support and level of understanding our needs have been very high and consistent throughout all the processes that they have helped us with. They have helped us fill our first executive vacancy role that we had in the company since the company was created and also another vital role, the Director of Operations which we had been struggling to fill! We are thrilled with the people we found, and that is thanks to the DRS team! Our Chief Delivery Officer has now been with us for about a year and we are extremely grateful to have him on board!”
Simprints Technology, on Executive Search.

“I also wanted to follow up with a thank you for your support with the Chief of Party recruitment in Djibouti. We successfully hired Mr….”
The Kaizen Company, on CV Shortlist.

You can read more feedback from our clients on our website.

To request a tailored quote for your project needs, feel free to reach out to the DRS Client Managers – they are always there for you, and happy to schedule a live presentation!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the most up-to-date recruitment industry-related articles brought to you by the DRS team on its LinkedIn page.