Are you in the 16%?

By Sam Ursu

Are you in the 16%?

You’ll be surprised to learn that only 16%, or one of the 5 candidates revise CV prior to applying for a job and, in doing so, land their dream jobs. Why should you be one of them? Because in this modern, fast-paced world, organizations expect job applicants to submit formatted CVs that are tailored to both the job requirements and corporate values.

Here at DevelopmentAid, we’ve helped thousands of experts in the field of sustainable development to build their careers. Unfortunately, far too often, we’ve seen extremely qualified and talented people miss out on job opportunities because of how their CVs were organized when submitted.

Usually, it is a recruiter who first screens a resume and analyzes each candidate’s strongest and weakest points. And recruiters know exactly what a poorly formatted CV looks like.

Did you know that an incorrectly formatted or outdated CV can prevent the job applicant from being considered? After all, an organization looking to hire a professional is expecting a resume that reflects that professionalism, so any mistakes will give the impression of carelessness or lack of effort.

Of course, if the content of a candidate’s CV is sufficiently strong there’s always the chance that inattention to detail or poor formatting in their CV will be overlooked but, with a highly competitive market for top jobs, any CVs that don’t match a recruiter’s needs usually go to the bottom of the pile immediately, for later consideration, which significantly reduces the candidate’s chances of being spotted.

Furthermore, one of the most common mistakes made by job applicants these days is to fail to tailor their CV to the precise requirements of the job for which they’re applying. Yes, it’s great that you ran a marathon or can format a Word document but a professional organization seeking to hire a person for a leadership position needs to hear more about your relevant experience and evidence to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, and only after that will there be an interest in your personal achievements.

Surprisingly, recruiters tell us that only 16% of applicants take the time to properly format and then tailor their CVs for the job they’re seeking to land. This means otherwise qualified applicants may not even get their foot in the door if their CV doesn’t accurately highlight the strengths, experience, and skills which would make them a great fit with the organization.

At DevelopmentAid, we understand that how to have your CV precisely formatted and uniquely tailored isn’t something that you learn at school. That’s why, if you upgrade to a Professional Membership, we offer one free CV revision by our in-house team of recruiting experts.

This April, we’re offering a special discount on our world-class Professional Membership. For just €299, you’ll have access for one year to all the benefits that a Professional Membership can provide including customizable job alerts and funding alerts, and access to published tenders for individual positions. Every Professional Membership also comes with one free CV revision by an expert. Our TOP recruiters will analyze your CV and provide written recommendations for its improvement.

Your CV may be your one chance to make a good impression and let your experience and skills shine. Don’t miss out on landing the job of your dreams because of a poorly presented CV!

Upgrade today to a Professional Membership and have your CV analyzed by our team of expert recruiters who know exactly what organizations working in the field of sustainable development expect from applications submitted by candidates.