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IQS Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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Legal residence:South Africa
Types:Consulting Organization Consulting Organization
Funding agencies:Other
Sectors:Agriculture, Energy, Environment & NRM, Food Proce ... See more Agriculture, Energy, Environment & NRM, Food Processing & Safety, Land & Erosion & Soil, Mining, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Rural Development, Science & Innovation, Urban Development
Nr. of employees:2-10
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Status: Active

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IQS Holdings provides consulting services in waste, water and environmen-tal management in the mining, oil and gas, metallurgical, industrial, power generation sectors and government spheres.
IQS is a value-based company. Our core values are Integrity, Quality and Service. These values are inherent to the company and its services and are pursued in our relationships with clients.
We are passionate about our clients. Our mission statement is: “Relentlessly pursuing real solutions”, contributing to our clients’ success.
IQS respects the conventional, but prefers a progressive, solution-based approach to projects. We endeavour to form strategic alliances with clients where practical. IQS leans towards virtual consulting, working with other consulting specialists in pursuing cost-effective efficiency.
Our products comprise of strategic advisory services; environmental due diligence assess-ments; integrated water and waste management plans; industry and integrated waste man-agement plans and strategies; waste, water and environmental compliance assessments, audits and strategies to minimise enforcement risk; contaminated land assessments and re-mediation; waste management licence , water use licence and environmental authorisation applications; waste classification, assessment and safety data sheet compilation; specialist witness services in waste related litigation; water and waste water treatment solutions; waste facilities design, operation, closure and remediation; waste, water and environmental training; and stakeholder engagement. Consulting specialists are co-opted on a project spe-cific basis as appropriate to benefit our clients.
IQS commences with determining the client’s specific needs and doing a thorough project analysis to understand the challenges our clients are facing, the reason for these challenges and then to develop real solutions. This approach is followed by identifying key success crite-ria and carefully defining project objectives and scope and identifying criteria that are key to the success of a project. IQS closely collaborates with our clients throughout the project in achieving fit-for-purpose solutions that complies to environmental, safety and health require-ments and sustainability parameters.

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