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Consultancy - Business Analyst for PVS Pathway digitalisation

Last update: Jan 10, 2023 Last update: 10 Jan, 2023


Application Deadline: 31 Jan, 2023 Deadline has passed and no more applications are accepted
Location: Worldwide Worldwide
Category: Consulting services
Status: Closed
Sectors: Health, Information & Communication Technology
Contracting Authority Type: Development Institution
Type: Organisation & Individual
Budget: EUR 99,000
Date posted: 10 Jan, 2023


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WOAH Capacity-Building Department (CBD), in charge of the PVS Pathway, seeks to gradually digitalise and automatise all its processes, workflows, and data collection and analysis, in order to increase the efficiency and impact of the programme. Indeed, PVS data is cross-cutting in nature and can support Members’ national activities for improvement of disease control and prevention, as well as  WOAH programmes (e.g. Official Disease status recognition, Observatory, Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs), etc.), and international partners’ (e.g. World Bank, FAO, WHO, etc.) initiatives.

The digitalisation will represent a phased automation of the PVS Pathway programme over several years. The desired final outcome is the development of a comprehensive PVS Pathway Information System. This digitalisation process will need to take into account the evolving needs of stakeholders and plan for future developments and upgrades, in order for the programme to remain adapted to and useful for Members’ priorities. It will need to ensure appropriate links between the various PVS Pathway activities, datasets, workflows, and mission planning processes, as well as with other key WOAH programmes, as relevant.

The PVS Information System will allow for insights on One Health through dynamic dashboards, key performance indicators of the PVS Pathway, improve PVS Evaluation mission processes, and improve reports, information and documentation accessibility for Members, Partners, and Experts. The digitalization of the PVS Pathway aims to bring new insights, services, access, functionalities, and methodologies of delivering capacity-building services to WOAH Members. 

The overall mission of this consultancy is to provide project management support for a range of WOAH PVS Pathway Programme processes and functions involving product acceptance testing, support to the description of technical specifications, documentation, and administrative support to ensure the timely progress of the project according to its established timeline and resources.

The key objective of the Business Analyst will be to assist the PVS Pathway Senior Programme Manager in the successful development, testing, and implementation of the PVS Pathway Information System. He/she will contribute to building a strong working relationship with the external Service Provider(s), PVS Pathway Team, and IT Project Manager to ensure smooth running of the project. He/she will be involved in the transversal contribution of the PVS Pathway across other WOAH work and data streams and participate in the evolution and continuous improvement of the programme in line with the strategies of the Organisation.

The tasks are described for the one-year initial term, with satisfactory completion of expected deliverables according to the established timeline at the completion of this term. As the digitalisation of the full PVS Pathway Programme will take more than the term, the Firm Tranche of work expected from the consultant corresponds to a maximum of 1 year.

The expectation is that the PVSIS Project supported by the Business Analyst will fully achieve the objectives identified in the Firm Tranche. However, if the initial one-year Phase 1 of the PVSIS Project is extended to its Conditional Tranche (of 5 to 12 months), the scope of the consultant’s work may be extended.


Jennifer Lasley
Position: Senior Programme Manager