Expression of Interest (EoI) to obtain feedback from parties interested in speaking at DevelopmentAid's webinars

Last update: Nov 1, 2021 Last update: 01 Nov, 2021


Application Deadline: 17 Dec, 2021 Deadline has passed and no more applications are accepted
Location: Worldwide Worldwide
Category: Goods, Works, Consulting services, Non-consulting services
Status: Closed
Sectors: Rural Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Culture, Education, Energy, Environment & NRM, Food Security, Gender, Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Industry, Commerce & Services, Labour Market & Employment, Logistics, Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Micro-finance, Poverty Reduction, Procurement, Social Development, Standards & Consumer Protection, Trade, Roads & Bridges, Youth, Administration, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Migration, Human Rights, Urban Development, Security, Tourism, Training, Border Management, Statistics, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Anti-Corruption, Civil Engineering, Conflict, Water & Sanitation, Democratization, Electrical Engineering, Food Processing & Safety, Mapping & Cadastre, Banking, Land & Erosion & Soil, Justice Reform, Law, Nuclear, Public Administration, Media and Communications, Regional Integration, Vehicles, Furniture & Office Supplies, Information & Communication Technology, Laboratory & Measurement, Telecommunications, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Science & Innovation, Other, SME & Private Sector, Air & Aviation, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Grants & Grant Schemes, Heating, Human Resources, Mechanical Engineering, Programme & Resource Management, Refrigeration, Research, Translation, Water Navigation & Ports & Shipping, Finance & Accounting, Transport, Corporate Social Responsibility, Disaster Reduction , Printing, Audit, Architecture, Agriculture, Decentralization & Local Development, Design, Livestock (incl. animal/bird production & health), Mining, Risk Management (incl. insurance), Marketing, Advocacy
Contracting Authority: DevelopmentAid
Funding Agency:
Type: Unknown
Budget: N/A
Date posted: 01 Nov, 2021



01 Nov, 2021

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Notice ID: DEVAID-EOI-2021-01


DevelopmentAid is issuing this Expression of Interest (EoI) to obtain feedback from interested parties who would like to speak at our next webinars. This is NOT a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is NOT to be interpreted as a commitment by DevelopmentAid to accept all interested speakers, or to pay for any information, submitted voluntarily as a result of this request. The issuance of this EoI is an opportunity for DevelopmentAid to obtain responses from the international development industry to create a long list of organizations/individuals interested in speaking, followed by a selection process to invite them to speak thematically in DevelopmentAid’s webinars.

Why participate?

  • An exceptional opportunity to represent your organization to the world while sharing your professional experiences in the worldwide community of companies, NGOs, and donor representatives.
  • A unique way to network and find new partners and sub-contractors.
  • An exclusive chance to get involved in a thought-provoking think tank through professional conversations with your peers in the field.
  • An opportunity to be on the same panel discussion with the donor representatives as you would have through events organized by them before the pandemic situation.
  • Possibility to get a free membership to DevelopmentAid resources (if you are not a member already).

Contact Information
Contact person: Mr. Ion Ilasco

Position: Webinars and events manager.

For any questions or to express interest, please contact us at over i.ilasco@developmentaid.org

Link to original source: https://www.developmentaid.org/#!/home