Public Finance Management Trainer for the Iraqi Administration

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Last update: Nov 29, 2022 Last update: Nov 29, 2022


Deadline: Dec 12, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Iraq Iraq
Sectors: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Training Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Training
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
Arabic, English Arabic, English
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: Nov 29, 2022



Mission description

The designated expert will contribute to the component 2 in collaboration with the IoF and to the component 3 of the project.

For the Component 2, the expert will support the IoF in designing and testing pilot training modules:

1- Development of the training content of the Training of Trainers (TOT) program in Public Finance Management (PFM)

2- Pilot Testing of the TOT in PFM

3- Virtual workshop on training engineering for AFTC head of departments and the training officials at the MoF will be organized

4- Development of training contents and pilot testing on Change Management and Leadership, Performance Management addressed to training officers at the Ministry of Finance and AFTC heads, and on Performance based budgeting

Concerning the component 3, the objective is to enhance the capacities of PFM key actors through an "excellence program”.

The 10 trainees are from different sectors:

1- Banking sector (General Directors of public banks)

2- Insurance Sector (Director General & Re-insurance Director General)

3- Public Finance ( Budget , AFTC , Legalization , General Commission of Taxes , General Commission of Customs , The Iraqi Free zone General Directors )

The training program on general Public Finance Management subjects will be based of the diagnosis of the Ministry of Finance's training needs and the AFTC's capacity to respond and discussions with the AFTC General Director.

Expected deliverables

The expert appointed will be in charge of:

Implementation phase

Component 2



Activity 2.2 : Develop 5 training modules on new topics in order to initiate future reforms


Review of the modules created by IoF and recommendations

Component 3

Activity 3.1 : Set up professional programs with experts from public institutions (online) based on the needs identified in the diagnosis for 10 high level trainees (online and onsite)


Training Program for the 10 high level trainees

Modules of the program

Mission report

(the expert will train the 10 high level trainees on PFM subjects)

Activity 3.2: Study tour to exchange experiences with French finance public institutions for 10 high level trainees + 2 AFTC executive manager


Program of the study tour

Mission report

(The expert will coordinate the study tour with the French administrations)

The reports will be delivered in English.
Project or context description


Iraq is a very atypical upper middle-income country facing numerous challenges. After decades of successive crises, the country has witnessed a significant decline in human development indicators: life expectancy of 70 years (for a MENA average of 78 years), gross national income per capita of 5,040 dollars (for a MENA average of 7,446 dollars) and an average duration of schooling of only 6.9 years, among the shortest globally.

Iraq’s economy is characterized by the overwhelming dominance of oil revenues (85% of government revenues) while the public expenditure is very rigid due to the high level of spending directed to public employment and pensions. Rapid and large oil prices fluctuations mean the investment necessary for reconstruction and to support economic diversification is subject to major stop-and-go effects.

Confronted with a strong demand for youth employment and improved basic services that cannot be solved by the current functioning of the State and the economy, the White Paper on Reform elaborated in 2020 which proposes a direction for structural reforms is the anchor for international support to the Iraqi authorities.

It details the axes and projects to achieve objectives of macro-fiscal balance and diversification of the national economy. In this context, training and the capacity for change of the Iraki administration is a real challenge.


The project will contribute to the establishment of favorable conditions for Iraqi reforms in terms of economic and financial governance. It will be formalized through a technical assistance to the training center of the Ministry of Finance, AFTC, created in 1981. This department is responsible for training and professionalizing the administration in public financial management and accounting. Its role is also to raise awareness towards civil society or universities and to promote international best practices.

A diagnostic phase of the training needs of the Ministry of Finance & the response capacities of AFTC has been conducted by the Lebanese Institute of Finance Basil Fuleihan (IDF-BF) and will be the starting point of the projet.

The implementation phase is divided into 3 components:

Component 1:

Strengthen the working processes and methodology of AFTC to better collect the training needs of the Iraqi administration in charge of public finance management

Component 2: Improve the AFTC training catalogue (process and content) to meet the challenges of public finance management stakeholders and of the White Paper on Reforms

Component 3:

Strengthen the skills of public finance management actors through a programme of excellence

The project will be based on exchanges between peers, in particular with the Lebanese Institute of Finance (IofF BL), a long-standing partner of the AFTC and the AFD Group, and with the French administration. This contribution of dedicated expertise will focus on training engineering, training evaluation, and the design and implementation of specific modules.

Required profile

Senior expert in Capacity development and Public Finance Management

Qualifications and skills:

- University degree (BA or MA or equivalent) in law, political science, economics, public finance or relevant discipline

- Professional experience within the French Administration

- Deep knowledge in Capacity Development on Public Finance Management

- Fluent in English or Arabic.

General professional experience:

- Senior trainer for civil servants: A minimum 10 years of experience in relevant field

Specific professional experience:

- Previous professional experience in international cooperation, in the MENA region and especially in Lebanon

Additional information

The project will start in December 2022 and end in December 2023.

The designated expert will be mobilized during the period for 30 Man Day.

The mission will be conducted online and onsite (one mission in Iraq/Lebanon).

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria:

Candidate’s training/skills/experience

Candidate’s experiences linked with the expert mission.