Lebanon National Gender Observatory Local Expert EU4WE: Political Autonomy of Women

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Last update: Nov 30, 2022 Last update: Nov 30, 2022


Deadline: Dec 12, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Lebanon Lebanon
Sectors: Gender Gender
Job type: Contract, up to 4 months
English, French English, French
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: Nov 30, 2022
Expected starting date: Dec 19, 2022



Mission description

General objective of the mission

Under the supervision of the Project Manager and the Deputy Project Manager of the EU4WE Project, the Gender Observatory expert will provide a methodological and advisory support to the Lebanon Gender Observatory (GO) to ensure its sustainability.

Specific objectives of the mission

Expertise France is looking for a Gender Observatory Expert that will implement the technical proposal submitted to the EU more specifically will:

Support the development of a set of indicators used currently to follow up gender quality progress in Lebanon (One target area: political autonomy of women)
Create template of the annual report on gender equality progress in Lebanon.
Support a workshop to support peer-to-peer learning on gender observatories (March 2023)

Mission’s tasks:

Under the supervision of the Project Manager EU4WE Project Expert will:

Support the host institution of the observatory, the NCLW, in the development of a set of indicators used currently to follow up gender quality progress in Lebanon in one the targeted area

Propose a set of indicators and a methodology for data collection for one target area. (Political autonomy of women)
Moderate capacity building sessions for NCLW for the development and methodology of indicators. (virtual and presential)
Meet with relevant stakeholders involved in the target area (coordination mechanisms with ministries, center of statistics, research centers, production of knowledge and data, international stakeholders, NGOs, etc...)
Identify a list of data sources available (classified type of data sources: administrative, public sector, academia, CSO’s, international organizations (UN Women, etc.)

Create template of the annual report on gender equality progress in Lebanon.

Create a detailed table of content for the annual report on gender equality progress in Lebanon

Support the EU Observatory Coordinator and Project Manager of the EU4WE Project, in the organization of a capacity-building workshop to support peer-to-peer learning on gender observatories

Contribute to the agenda of the event.
Report on the organization of the restitution workshop, including recommendations to enhance the gender machinery mechanisms in Lebanon.

Project or context description

Overall project description and context

The EU-funded Project EU for Women Empowerment (EU4WE) is a 42 months’ projects (October 2019 – march 2023) aiming at promoting full and unconditional equality between men and women in Lebanon.

The specific purpose of EU4WE is to:

Reduce gender-based violence through women empowerment
Enhance existing institutional mechanisms working towards gender equality.

The following results are foreseen in order to reach the abovementioned purposes:

Result 1.1 (component 1): Entrepreneurial capacities of Lebanese women are enhanced (Women economic empowerment programme)
Result 1.2 (component 2): The legal mechanisms against gender-based violence's are enhanced (Legal capacity building on GBV of legal professionals)
Result 2.1 (component 3): Gender oriented knowledge production and dissemination with the relevant stakeholders (Support to gender observatory and gender machineries)

This project is implemented and managed by Expertise France (EF). Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. The agency provides partner countries with knowledge, skills and management expertise in:

Democratic, economic, and financial governance,
Stability, international security and peace,
Sustainable development, climate and agriculture,
Health and human development.

Required profile

Requested Profile and Qualifications

Qualifications and skills:

Social scientist (economics, statistics, law or related fields) with at least a Master Degree
Ideally master degree in statistics in social issues.
Excellent organizational, analytical and writing skills
Professional working knowledge in English or French is required

General professional experience:

A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of gender equality, in particular in political autonomy of women.
A minimum of 10 years’ experience working with institutional partners
Experience of policy/institutional reform formulation

Specific professional experience:

Relevant experience formulating/training in gender indicators
Experience in elaborating policies related to gender equality
Experience organizing international seminar/roundtables
Very good knowledge of the work of Gender observatories

Additional information

Expertise Profile: Senior Level Gender Expert
Nationality: Lebanese (local expert)
Location: Home-based and available for two missions in Lebanon (if the person is not living in Lebanon)
Type of contract: Service contract
Total number of working days: 25 Days
Duration of the contract: From 19th December 2022 to 31th March 2023.

The candidates will send their CV and any other documents showing that they meet the compulsory criteria concerning their qualifications, skills and experience.

Deadline candidatures: December 12th 2022

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria:

Candidate’s training/skills/experience
Candidate’s experiences linked with the expert mission
Candidate's knowledges related to local context (country or region intervention).