Bio-engineering Specialist

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Last update: May 22, 2024 Last update: May 22, 2024


Deadline: Jun 5, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Home Based
Organization: UNOPS
Job type:Contract, 4 to 12 months
English English
Work experience:Min 7 years
Date posted: May 22, 2024


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Dutystation: Home based

Functional responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the YELCP Project Manager, the Bio-engineering Specialist shall provide professional and technical services by identifying and proposing suitable areas (approximately 100,000 square meters) for slope stabilization using bio-engineering techniques, carrying out designs for such works in the areas identified, prepare detailed design documentation and submit drafts for UNOPS review, incorporate comments from UNOPS design review, and submit final design documentation to UNOPS to be used for construction contracts. The construction contracts will be implemented and managed by UNOPS starting from 2024.

Specific responsibilities and duties include, but not limited to, the following:

1 - Identify areas for slope stabilization using bio engineering techniques:

  • Liaise with project stakeholders such as the Rural Access Program (RAP), Road Management Fund (RMF), Ministry of Public Works and Highways to collect general and project specific information related to slope stabilization using bio engineering techniques.

  • Review the past reports and other information if any on the subject area.

  • Study the designs for road rehabilitation projects being implemented under the component 1.A of the project along with topographical maps and other data to identify potential areas for slope stabilization using bio-engineering techniques.

  • Prepare and submit a detailed report describing the areas identified for this work for UNOPS and RAP review and comments. The Consultant should note that the areas may be scattered in many parts of Yemen and a number of different packages may have to be developed.

2- Design of slope stabilization using bio-engineering techniques

  • Study bioengineering techniques appropriate for Yemen context and the suitability of such methods for slope stabilization under the project.

  • Identify options for using bioengineering techniques for slope stabilization under the project and choose the best methods using analytical techniques.

  • For each area identified for slope stabilization using bio-engineering techniques, develop draft concept designs and a report and submit to UNOPS for review.

  • Incorporate comments from UNOPS and other stakeholders and revise the draft concept report and re-submit.

  • After UNOPS accepts the concept design report, prepare detailed design drawings and documentation and submit them to UNOPS for review. The design documentation shall include the detailed drawings, detailed specifications, scope of works documents and Bills of Quantities with estimated costs. The documentation shall be prepared with sufficient details so that they can be readily incorporated into construction contracts (by UNOPS) and the local construction contractors can understand them without difficulty.

  • Prepare final design documentation and submit to UNOPS after incorporating the comments from UNOPS and other stakeholders.

3- Prepare and submit a final report

  • Prepare and submit a final design report for UNOPS approval. The final report shall include, as a minimum, the following:

    • The documents reviewed, stakeholders contacted and the findings of the desk review of relevant documents.

    • Detailed methodology adopted in carrying out the works under this assignment.

    • Assumptions made in the design and the impact of them.

    • Results of the search for locally available bioengineering techniques suitable for the project.

    • Methodology and the details of selecting suitable options and the analytical process carried out to recommend appropriate options.

    • Methodology adopted in carrying out the detailed designs with special considerations for local conditions.

    • Recommendations for construction and maintenance of slope stabilization works proposed.

    • Lessons learned from this assignment for the benefit of future use by UNOPS for similar assignments.

  • After submission of the draft final design report, UNOPS and other stakeholders will provide their comments. The Consultant shall incorporate those comments as appropriate, revise the report and submit the final version to UNOPS.

4- Assist the team during implementation

  • During the implementation of previously designed nature base solutions, the consultant shall remain available to monitor progress and advise on needed changes and / or additional measures

  • He will revise the reports on the implementation of the above mentioned measures and ensure that the language is correctly reflected in the reports

  • He will provide guidance on any additional activities focusing on nature based solutions

Education/Experience/Language requirements

Academic qualifications:

  • An advanced degree from a recognized University, preferably in civil engineering or environmental engineering. Degrees from other disciplines may be accepted if they are relevant to the assignment.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with additional three years relevant work experience may be accepted provided that the degree and the work experience are relevant to the assignment


  • Minimum seven (7) years experience in bioengineering is essential.

  • A background in road engineering or slope stabilization is desired.

  • Ability to use contemporary computer applications is required including. Mastery of CAD software is required.

Language Skills

  • Fluency in English is required