Weekly Roundup | Top international development headlines

Weekly Roundup | Top international development headlines

Nagorno-Karabakh, the way to end nuclear risk and e-Learning Programme on sustainable finance. Here is what you missed from last week’s headlines in the international development sector.

Nagorno-Karabagh: Escalation of conflict forces thousands of ethnic Armenians to flee

A military operation led by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabagh, a region in the South Caucasus has pushed thousands of ethnic Armenians to flee to Armenia. CARE Caucaus CEO Ketevan Khachidze describes some of the main needs of displaced people.

“Over 14,000 Armenians have fled Nagorno-Karabagh for Armenia, days after Azerbaijan launched a military action in the region, which was home to 120,000 ethnic Armenians. Rivers of cars – this is how locals are describing a long line of cars jamming the road, which stretches for kilometers”.

The mass exodus follows the almost ten-month blockade of the Lachin corridor, which is the only road to connect the enclave to Armenia. The blockade had caused a severe humanitarian crisis, cutting off the region from food, fuel, and medicine supplies. People were already malnourished, exhausted, and in despair, even before the corridor reopened.

Only way to end nuclear risk ‘is to eliminate nuclear weapons’: Guterres

When “geopolitical mistrust and competition” has pushed the nuclear risk to Cold War levels, total elimination of such weapons is the only route to a peaceful future, the UN chief has said.

Secretary-General António Guterres issued his call in a statement marking the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. He warned that hard-won progress over many decades to prevent the use, spread, and testing of nuclear weapons is being undone, and called for nuclear disarmament and a strengthened regime of non-proliferation.

UNDP launches innovative e-Learning Programme on sustainable finance

In response to the increasing global need to support and enhance sustainable finance, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a revolutionary e-Learning Programme. This initiative of the Sustainable Finance Hub’s SDG Finance Academy is poised to share UNDP’s vast knowledge of sustainable finance with global practitioners.

The open-access e-Learning Programme will be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It begins with ten comprehensive modules, offering a foundational understanding of sustainable finance and advanced explorations in vital areas essential for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Marcos Neto, Director of UNDP’s Sustainable Finance Hub, remarked, “Sustainable finance is the cornerstone of our collective aspirations for the SDGs. We are enthusiastic about enabling individuals worldwide to redirect funds effectively towards national SDG targets and craft a sustainable finance blueprint beneficial to all.”

DevelopmentAid Editorials

Dengue virus cases on the rise. Global warming among main causes

Approximately 50% of the world’s population faces the potential of being infected by the mosquito-transmitted dengue virus, with an estimated 100–400 million infections occurring annually. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted that infection rates of the virus increased eightfold in 2022 compared to 2000, and instances are being recorded for the first time in certain areas. Climate change adds to the factors exacerbating the severity and frequency of outbreaks.

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Tailoring recruitment strategies to client needs

In order to build long-lasting business relationships with their clients, recruiting firms such as DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions put in place a system to tailor recruitment strategies to each client’s needs. Although this is a natural process, some issues may still arise when new or unfamiliar with the best practices in this area. The questions are ‘how’ and ‘when’ recruitment companies should adapt their internal processes to ensure customer satisfaction by achieving hiring targets and at the same time avoid burning out their own employees.

Today’s topic brought to you by the DRS team of professional recruiters will reveal the secrets behind the tailoring of recruitment strategies to meet client needs.

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Top 10 corn-producing countries worldwide

Corn, also referred to as maize, is one of the most extensively grown crops in the world. It is used as a basic nutrition ingredient and animal fodder as well as being a critical component in numerous industrial processes. Corn production is important for global trade, agricultural economies, and for food security worldwide.

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Here’s what else has happened

Canada: Canada is deeply concerned by the rapid increase in humanitarian needs arising from the crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh that has forced more than 70,000 people to flee to Armenia since last week, a number that is increasing daily.

Libya floods: More than 16,000 children are displaced in eastern Libya following Africa’s deadliest storm in recorded history, UNICEF warned. Their psychosocial well-being is at stake. Many more children are affected due to lack of essential services, such as health, schooling and safe water supply.

Northern Mozambique: The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) welcomes a contribution of €8.6 million from the European Union (EU) to intensify efforts in addressing food insecurity among conflict-affected populations in northern Mozambique. Over the past six years, the prolonged conflict in northern Mozambique has resulted in profound loss of lives and livelihoods, with a staggering number of families displaced from their homes.

IOM: The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is appealing for governments in Central America and Mexico to collaborate to address the immediate humanitarian needs of people on the move as unprecedented numbers of vulnerable migrants transit through the region, while also working on long-term solutions to tackle the drivers of migration.

Taliban: The international community must continue to engage with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan despite deep disagreement with their approach to women’s rights and inclusive governance, the UN Special Representative for the country told the Security Council.


Biden-Harris Administration’s wildland fire mitigation and management commission releases report outlining comprehensive recommendations to change the nation’s relationship with wildfire

The Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission released its report outlining a comprehensive, consensus-based set of recommendations to Congress to address the nation’s wildfire crisis.

First report on the State of the Digital Decade calls for collective action to shape the digital transition

The first report on the State of the Digital Decade, published provides a comprehensive look at progress towards achieving the digital transformation to empower a more digitally sovereign, resilient, and competitive EU. It includes an assessment of the EU’s performance towards Europe’s 2030 objectives and targets focusing on four main pillars: digital skills, digital infrastructure, digitalisation of businesses, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digitalisation of public services.

IRC report reveals urgent needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland amidst legal uncertainty

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is deeply concerned about questions concerning the future of Ukrainian refugee hosting laws in Poland and the possible expiration of aid provisions, as recently expressed by the Polish government’s spokesperson.


Winning Funding Strategies: Secure funding for your USAID projects | Webinar

📅 10 October 2023

DevelopmentAid, in collaboration with AidKonekt, invites you to attend the webinar, “Winning Funding Strategies: Secure funding for your USAID projects” which will take place on 10 October 2023 at 4 pm (Brussels) / 10 am (Washington DC).

Key takeaways

  • Winning Funding Strategies: Learn proven strategies to secure more funding for your USAID projects
  • Navigating the USAID Landscape: Understand the nuances of USAID partnerships and business development
  • Tips from the Expert: Gain invaluable tips and insights from Mike Shanley who has over two decades of experience in international development


Mike Shanley, CEO and Founder of Konektid International and AidKonekt Data boasts over two decades of experience. Mike is a frequent presenter on the most effective approaches to collaborating with USAID and has been a sought-after speaker for international aid organizations worldwide.


Elizaveta Gładun, External Relations & Events Coordinator at DevelopmentAid.


DevelopmentAid will attend Asian Development Bank’s business forum

DevelopmentAid will attend Asian Development Bank’s business forum

📅 4 – 5 October 2023
Manila, the Philippines

September 4, 2023 – DevelopmentAid is proud to announce that it will be attending in-person the 11th annual ADB Business Opportunities Fair taking place from October 4-5, 2023 at the ADB’s headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.

The ADB Business Opportunities Fair is a one-stop forum for consultants, contractors, suppliers, and civil society organizations working in the field of sustainable development to network and discuss ongoing and future ADB projects. The ADB Business Opportunities Fair is the perfect place to meet with ADB specialists in a wide variety of sectors, including energy, transport, education, finance, health, public management, agriculture, and climate change.


Market Systems Symposium 2023

Market Systems Symposium 2023

📅 14-16 November 2023
Cape Town, South Africa

Empower your market systems development practice with inspiration, innovation, and connection.

Get ready to be inspired, equipped, and connected like never before at Market Systems Symposium 2023! Engage with industry-leading experts in Market Systems Development from around the world as we explore cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and real-world application in this dynamic and engaging forum.

Key Themes:

Given the significant impact of climate change, conflict and food insecurity on our world today, the core themes which we will be discussing, debating, collaborating, and innovating around at MSS2023 are:

  • Climate Change & Adaptation
  • Conflict-Affected Contexts
  • Food Security and Food Systems


AidEx 2023 | The Global Humanitarian Aid Event

AidEx 2023 | The Global Humanitarian Aid Event

📅 25-26 October 2023
Palexpo, Geneva

The world’s leading humanitarian aid and disaster relief event – AidEx is featuring high-level conference sessions, workshops, discussion groups, impact sessions, case studies, relief and international development, and training programmes geared to solve the challenges in aid.

The main agenda theme of this year’s AidEx is ‘Addressing the forgotten crises – how can we manage and anticipate crises when so much of our focus is on Ukraine? The conference will shine a light on other crises that are obscured by the war in Europe and explore creative solutions to turn the tide on the crises that are not getting the attention they deserve.

AidEx is co-located with Development2030, bringing together global development actors to achieve the sustainable development goals. Together, both events will bring aid, relief and international development professionals all under the same roof to explore the latest innovations, meet new suppliers, share your experiences with your peers, build meaningful relationships and continue the conversation afterwards.

In 2022, 2800+ participants attended from 60+ countries including significant participation from UN agencies, the EU, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, local and international NGOs, donors, foundations, private investors, government and the private sector.


Engaging with USAID – UK Partners Day

Engaging with USAID - UK Partners Day

📅 23 October 2023 🕙 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (BST)

Join us for BEI’s Series of events engaging with USAID. We are delighted to be joined for a one-day event by 4 senior representatives from USAID as well as welcoming back Mike Shanley from Konektid International.

Our speakers will run 2 panel discussion in the morning followed by afternoon break-out sessions and 1-1 sessions which can be booked by members individually with each of the speakers.