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Director ICTLast update: Aug 19, 2021
Experience:23 yearsCitizenship:PakistanEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Aug 24, 2023
Experience:46 yearsCitizenship:USAEd. Degree:Ph.D
Last update: Apr 1, 2024
Experience:24 yearsCitizenship:UgandaEd. Degree:Masters
VariousLast update: Jan 22, 2024
Experience:22 yearsCitizenship:AlbaniaEd. Degree:Ph.D
Director, Assistant ProfessorLast update: Sep 20, 2022
Experience:30 yearsCitizenship:TurkeyEd. Degree:Ph.D
Bid ManagerLast update: Sep 14, 2021
Experience:24 yearsCitizenship:ZimbabweEd. Degree:Bachelors
Oracle Techno-Functional ConsultantLast update: Sep 14, 2021
Experience:17 yearsCitizenship:GhanaEd. Degree:Bachelors
Director Sales & ProjectsLast update: Aug 17, 2021
Experience:24 yearsCitizenship:PakistanEd. Degree:Bachelors
Procurement Expert, Procurement Specialist (International)Freelance Procurement Expert, Civil Engineering Graduate & Masters Degree in Environmental Engg, have over 25 years rich experience.Worked on multiple ADB/ World Bank/ KfW / European Investment Bank (EIB)/ AfD/ AIIB financed Infrastructure Investment Projects and Development Projects in India, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Maldives, Ca...Last update: 10 days ago
Experience:30 yearsCitizenship:IndiaEd. Degree:Masters
Expert Géomaticien/Cartographe/Expert en SIGLast update: Aug 24, 2023
Experience:25 yearsCitizenship:Burkina FasoEd. Degree:Masters
Vice President/Director/Adjunct Assistant ProfessorLast update: Jun 23, 2022
Experience:35 yearsCitizenship:USAEd. Degree:Ph.D
Last update: Sep 14, 2021
Experience:9 yearsCitizenship:BeninEd. Degree:MBA
Last update: Aug 18, 2021
Experience:26 yearsCitizenship:ItalyEd. Degree:Ph.D
Senior Electromechanical Projects ManagerLast update: Nov 28, 2021
Experience:27 yearsCitizenship:EgyptEd. Degree:Bachelors
Director, Owner, ConsultantLast update: Aug 17, 2021
Experience:48 yearsCitizenship:Netherlands, UKEd. Degree:Masters
Information Management OfficerLast update: Apr 10, 2024
Experience:14 yearsCitizenship:MalawiEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Jul 5, 2023
Experience:22 yearsCitizenship:BeninEd. Degree:Masters
Public Procurement ExpertLast update: Nov 30, 2023
Experience:25 yearsCitizenship:HungaryEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Sep 22, 2022
Experience:17 yearsCitizenship:NigeriaEd. Degree:Masters
Lecturer/TeacherLast update: Aug 18, 2021
Experience:37 yearsCitizenship:CanadaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: 10 days ago
Experience:40 yearsCitizenship:UKEd. Degree:Secondary
Senior Expert in Free Zone Strategic Development and Institutional Capacity BuildingI am an independent consultant based in Shannon, IRELAND with over 35 years of experience in local and national economic development across a variety of sectors, much gained while working with Shannon Development Ltd. In the past I have worked in all parts of Central and Eastern Europe with assignments also completed in Russia, Turkey, Croatia, the...Last update: 10 days ago
General ManagerLast update: Aug 18, 2021
Experience:21 yearsCitizenship:TunisiaEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Aug 18, 2021
Experience:20 yearsCitizenship:PakistanEd. Degree:Masters
Development Services EngineerLast update: Jan 27, 2022
Experience:30 yearsCitizenship:UKEd. Degree:MBA
Last update: Jul 22, 2022
Experience:33 yearsCitizenship:New ZealandEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Jan 22, 2024
Experience:23 yearsCitizenship:BurundiEd. Degree:Masters
Last update: Aug 18, 2021
Experience:25 yearsCitizenship:Gibraltar, USAEd. Degree:Ph.D
Last update: Jan 19, 2023
Experience:18 yearsCitizenship:SpainEd. Degree:Masters