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Office: Spain
Address: C/ Marie Curie 22, 29590 Campanillas (PTA), Málaga
E-mail(s): antonio.troya@iucn.org
Contact person: Antonio Troya, Director / Programme Coordinator
Phone: +34 952 02 84 30
Sectors: Environment & NRM Environment & NRM
Nr. of employees: N/A
Types: Other Other
Status: Active


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The Mediterranean is characterised by a high diversity of species and ecosystems, highly productive lands and seas, a moderate climate, as well as a particular landscape and harmony between man and nature. Among the problems affecting the region are the rapid urbanisation of coastal zones, thus reducing the extent of natural areas; the modification of coastal landscapes; the increasing conflicts between the uses of land, water and other natural resources; the increasing loss of soil due to erosion, and the scarcity of water.
At the same time, the dumping of toxic substances on the shores and the over-exploitation of fisheries are posing a threat to the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the Mediterranean, a key tourist destination.

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