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GIZ has worked in Nigeria since 1974. From 2004, GIZ has maintained a country office in the capital city Abuja. At present, 37 seconded experts, 187 Nigerian and regional experts and four integrated experts work for GIZ in Nigeria.

As agreed between the Nigerian and German Governments, GIZ’s activities since 2002 have focused mainly on sustainable economic development and energy. The ‘Pro-poor Growth and Employment Promotion in Nigeria’ (SEDIN) programme aims to increase employment and income generation for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises , and to improve access to financial services. The programme is currently being implemented in Abuja and in Niger, Ogun and Plateau states.

In the energy field, GIZ provides advisory services to Nigerian partners on how to improve conditions for access to, application of and investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and rural electrification.

GIZ also engages in education, security, agriculture and regional integration. Apart from a programme to support National Police structures, GIZ is assisting the Nigerian Government’s Safe Schools Initiative, which aims to provide schooling for students affected by the insurgency in the country’s North-East.

GIZ supports the Nigerian component of a global programme improving income, employment and food security in the agricultural sector.

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