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International cooperation between Niger and Germany began in the 1960s. GIZ has had an office in the capital Niamey since 1968.

Based on these strategies, bilateral cooperation between Germany and Niger focuses on three priority areas:

  • rural development and food security
  • decentralisation of state structures
  • basic education.

In addition, GIZ is providing advisory support to the Niger Basin Authority, the Ministry of Planning, Spatial Planning and Community Development and the national Food Security Authority. GIZ’s Civil Peace Service programme is promoting the peaceful transformation of conflicts between local communities and nomadic pastoralists in areas of cross-border transhumance. On behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA), GIZ is supporting measures to improve training and human resource management in the police service and boost security along the country’s borders. The Federal Foreign Office is also working with the African Union to improve border management, with GIZ providing human capacity development and training and supporting the demarcation of national boundaries and the construction of border posts.

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